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card / board / cutout

It's fun to play with paper, so we're taking pen-and-paper games back to basics! Grab some paper, some card, a gluestick or two, a big pair of sharp scissors, and get playing!

All proceeds go directly to the creators of this zine, and your support is a vote in support of the indie TTRPG scene!

Here's what you can find in this issue:

  • The Games We Play, a solo journaling roleplaying game using Tarot cards, about risking everything to get a single, almighty Wish
  • HyperHalfling's Lists #6, a random tables to help you build a convincing story out of an old business card
  • Family Value, a way to score and rank your family members and display your loved ones around your home and place of work
  • Games On (Business Card), a set of template business cards with quirky and memorable ideas on both sides
  • Die20!: Pink Floyd's "The Wall" (for TRPGs), a look at "the coward's cardboard", that staple of games, the Gamemaster's Screen
  • Instant Miniature!, crafty fun for all ages, and a super quick way to replace the miniatures you forgot to bring to tonight's game
  • Orizuru: a half-formed thing, a solo origami / journaling game about transforming into a beautiful bird
  • Motel 13, a solo journaling game using a deck of cards and exploring an edge-of-town motel and its guests
  • Exquisite Oracle, a collaborative worldbuilding game using a beautiful custom oracle deck that you can cut out and keep
  • Hoodwinked for Good: a Satire, a game about stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, where your targets are drawn at random from a bowl
  • All the World's a Card Game, a card-based worldbuilding supplement exploring how societies and worlds change over time
  • Crocheted Adventurers Do a Dungeon Crawl, in which our favourite yarn-based heroes explore a dungeon made seemingly of cardboard

Games We Play is written by Andrew GrondinHyperHalfling's Lists #6 is written by Danielle StephensFamily Value is written and illustrated by Kelsey Smith. Games On (Business Card) is written and designed by Jane HermistonDie20!: Pink Floyd's "The Wall" (for TRPGs) is written by Julian KayInstant Miniature! is designed by Steve DeeOrizuru: a half-formed thing is written and illustrated by Marx ShepherdMotel 13 is written by Jonathan DerschExquisite Oracle is written by Richard Chompff, with art by Jane HermistonHoodwinked for Good: a Satire is written by Calvin JohnsAll the World's a Card Game is written by Alda YuanCrocheted Adventurers Do a Dungeon Crawl is created by Micah Reid. The editors are Calvin Johns, Taylor Daigneault, and Marx Shepherd. The layout designers are Facu Kaper, Craig Duffy, Calvin Johns, Richard Chompff, and Sen.H.H.S. Cover collage by Calvin Johns. This project was organised by Marx Shepherd.

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Authorin*die zine
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