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Summer remembered...

Whether you're just starting summer, or just leaving it, we've got the issue for you! Full of wistful games, supplements, and articles, all about memories of summers both good and bad.

All proceeds go directly to the creators of this zine, and your support is a vote in support of the indie TTRPG scene!

Here's what you can find in this issue:

  • Ice Busters! is a whimsical little physical game to be played in the shade on warm summer days
  • Summer Drinks for Summer Games is a menu of games with summer vibes paired with mock- and cocktails to imbibe while playing
  • Die20! V: Play That F***ing Game is about playing things like we did when we were kids - find a weird game and play it with your friends on the fly
  • Perfect Summer Body is a game-spell to create the perfect summer body
  • Midsummer & Other Festivals is part-supplement, part-article, all advice on creating festivals, holidays, and season rituals in your campaign world
  • Hay Babe is a love story game of a farmer who fell in love with the worker they hired to make hay, and the memories that come to him as he feeds the hay out through the winter
  • HyperHalfling's List #5 is a set of tables of things you might find in the height of summer in your game
  • The Summer Lad and Autumn Lass is a fan song about the tragic relationship that was Vaxleth in Critical Role
  • She Traveled, You Stayed / You Traveled, She Stayed is a solo or duet game about two witches meeting thirty years after their last summer adventure
  • The Maven Guide 3.0 is a collection of yelp-style reviews of summery places you might find on your next adventure

Ice Busters! is written by Zoha Khokhar, with art by angela quidam. Summer Drinks for Summer Games is written by Taylor Daigneault with art by Nico Santiago. Die20! 5: Play That Fucking Game is written by Julian K. Perfect Summer Body is written by Logan Timmins. Midsummer & Other Festivals is written by Calvin Johns. Hay Babe is written by Richard Chompff. HyperHalfling’s List #5 is written by Danielle Stephens, with art by angela quidam. The Summer Lad and Autumn Lass is written and composed by Sen.H.H.S. She Traveled, You Stayed / You Traveled, She Stayed is written by Côme Martin, with art by angela quidam. The Maven Guide 3.0 is written by Alda Yuan. The editors are Marx Shepherd, Jane Hermiston, Taylor Daigneault, and Calvin Johns. Layout and graphic design is by Craig Duffy, Calvin Johns, and Alda Yuan. Cover art by Nico Santiago. in*die zine is organised by Marx Shepherd, Jane Hermiston, Nico Santiago, Craig Duffy, and Calvin Johns.

CategoryPhysical game
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Authorin*die zine
GenreRole Playing


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Install instructions

in*die zine June 2021 print instructions

Whilst future issues of in*die zine will have a print edition, this edition will not (for now). Instead, you can seize the punk aesthetic and Do It Yourself, in your own home (or at your workplace, which let’s face it, is much more punk).

There are three ways to achieve the desired effect, all of which require 15 pages of A4 or Letter-sized paper, depending on the settings of your printer. It can be Booklet, Automatic Double-Sided or Manual Double-Sided. This final option is explained, but the detail is very printer dependent, so your experience may vary.

You will need to print the single pages version of the zine, not the spreads version. This is important!

Booklet Format

Most modern printers and PDF readers will have a print option for “booklet”. If so, it’s very easy. You’ll just need to make sure that you’re capturing all pages, both sides and that you’re binding on the left. If your office has a really snazzy printer it might even staple it for you. Otherwise, just print and staple the left edge and leave in your local library.

Automatic Double-Sided

If your printer has automatic double-sided printing, this option is fairly straightforward. Your PDF reader or printer software will usually let you do multiple pages per side, so make sure the right paper size is selected, and then choose the Multiple option. You’ll want 2 pages per sheet. Paper should be in landscape mode, with pages in portrait (check the preview to make sure this is right).

You’ll also need to make sure that you print on both sides, and flip on the short edge, not the long edge.

The order of pages is important, so wherever there’s a “page range” button, put this in. Usually, this is comma-separated, so you’ll need this order:


(This is taken from boooks.org page order calculator.)

Print this, fold each sheet down the middle, put them all together and staple the left edge. Remember to give a copy to your best friend at a protest.

Manual Double-Sided

This is more difficult to do as it depends on the way your printer feeds paper. Usually most printers will come with a guide to show you how to do this if you select the double-sided option in the printer dialogue. You’ll need to do 2 pages per sheet, which is usually a PDF viewer print option.

You’ll need the same page order as for automatic double-sided printing. Follow the instructions carefully as per your printer. Again, you’ll need to flip on the short edge to make sure you get the pages portrait on the sheets.

This is tricky to achieve but punk as hell, and very satisfying if you get it right. You can make it even more punk by hole-punching the left edge and tying it together with a shoelace. Remember to casually leave it at a con table the next time you’re in a game convention.

90s Zine Method

You can, of course, print out all the pages, glue them back-to-back and photocopy them at your local newsagents. If you do this, you are embracing the spirit of punk, and I have no further instructions for you.

(and if you don’t know how - here are some instructions on how to make a sticky, beautiful mess of a zine)


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Are any of these GMless?


Ice Busters is multiplayer and gmless, Perfect Summer Body is solo/gmless, Hay Babe is 1 or 2 player and gmless, she travelled you stayed/ you travelled she stayed is 2 player gmless.